About Readings By Dale

The beginning

I have been reading cards for more than twenty years.  My fascination with them began when  as a teenager I got a reading from a seaside tarot shop.   Over the years I had several readings, and the intrigue persisted.  

Building Confidence

One day I bought a Rider Waite Smith deck, and a book on basic tarot and never looked back.  Since then I've read  dozens of books, and participated  in study programs and workshops. Above all, I learned that experience is the best teacher and trusting in yourself enough to share insights with clients builds confidence. 

Symbols - igniting intuition

Tarot and Lenormand card systems feature symbols that guide my readings.  Over the years I have incorporated the use of charms in my readings.  Charms have created a limitless toolbag that has added deeper sometimes amazing insights for my clients.   I am very grateful to each person who has allowed me to enter their sacred personal space.